Slotted Features

Slotted does a lot. Here are the major features.

One click to sign up
Your invitees can sign up without even touching their keyboard, much less joining Slotted.
Single date, multi-date, no date
Is your signup sheet for a certain date? Multiple dates? No particular date? We handle that.
Time slots
Fill time slots over one or more days.
Personalized email invitations
Slotted sends email invitations for you, personalized to each invitee. Enter names and emails, or pick from a contact list that we build for you automatically.
Calendar subscriptions
Subscribe with to the events on a sheet with your favorite caledar program, and optionally get notified of upcoming slots.
Invite Facebook friends
Send invitations to your Facebook friends. Facebook invitations link directly to your signup sheet, personalized for each friend.
Let the world sign up
Don't know everyone's email address? Just share a single URL however you want – post it to a web page, send it to a group email, print flyers with a QR code. Rest assured that we verify the identity of every signup.
Collaborate on sheets
Don't do it all yourself! Share any sheet with up to 10 other Slotted users.
Monitor signup activity
Optionally, get notified by email whenever someone signs up or cancels a slot.
Limit signups
Maybe you need to limit how many slots each person can sign up for on a sheet. Slotted does that.
Recurring signups
Make an exact duplicate of any signup sheet. Effortlessly invite the same people, or tailor the invitations for each recurrence.
Collect extra details for each signup
Maybe you want to gather information such as phone number or comment for each signup. Each extra fields can be required or optional.
Optionally show or hide signup details
Slotted gives you complete control of what visitors to your sheet can see. Show or hide signups' names and/or any other information they enter.
Follow up by email
Send out nudges, thank yous and reminders. Slotted knows who should receive each kind of message and exactly what information to show them.
Customized communications
All messages are customizable. Slotted gives you lots of ways to include relevant information inside your custom messages.
Import sheets
Slotted provides a simple and powerful user interface to create sheets. But for some users with large complex sheets, it might be more efficient to create sheets in a spreadsheet program and import to create sheets.
Embed sheets
Do you have a website? Want to put a signup sheet on your own web page? Slotted does that.
Export signup data
Use your signup data in ways that we can't even imagine.
Rich formatting
Insert images, links and clickable email addresses. Format text, make lists and more.
Create Your First Sheet
We will never, ever, EVER spam you or sell your information.