About Us

We created Slotted for ourselves

Once upon a time I watched my wife plan a potluck party for our son's Boy Scout troop using email. It was painful to watch. I knew there was a better way, and of course there was. But even the best signup sheet websites fell far short of my vision of a truly painless, flexible and social signup experience.

So we built Slotted.

Slotted is the first and only web-based signup app that's totally painless for the most important person – the one signing up – and also flexibile enough to handle any kind of signup need. From potluck parties to open mics to professional appointments to photo shoots to party shuttles to swim meets, Slotted truly does it all. And it does it all socially and truly painlessly.

We are very proud of what we have created, and we hope you too will fall in love with Slotted!

Tim Scott
Slotted Founder