2018 Community Innovation Consultation APPTS


Thank you for your interest in the Bush Foundation's two main grant programs (Community Innovation Grants and Bush Prize for Community Innovation). We are happy to talk to you about our programs. Using Slotted helps to schedule calls more quickly and efficiently.

Please select a time and date that is convenient for you. All times listed are in the Central time zone. We offer a variety of time frames, anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Please select the time frame that fits with the type of discussion you wish to have with us. For instance, general questions about the Community Innovation program generally take under 20 minutes while specific questions about a proposal you plan to submit typically take between 30-45 minutes.

To ensure that we are able to contact you, please sign up 24-hours in advance of the time you select. Note also that confirmation email will not be sent, so please record the day and time you’ve selected in your calendar.

We will call you at the time you select. If you are no longer able to make your appointment, please cancel your time via Slotted so that someone else may sign up to speak with us.

If additional questions surface, please do not hesitate to reach at CommunityInnovation@bushfoundation.org or (651) 379-2266.

Kind regards,

The Community Innovation Team

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