2. Must be on time. COMICS WHO ARRIVE LATE (1 MIN AFTER HOUR STARTS) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO UP. Comics risk the chance of loosing their spot if they show up late and will still have to pay the $5 so please be on time.

  3. Must cancel at least 2 HOURS before your time slot begin to avoid the $5 charge and so other comics can have to chance to run their sets *Comics get 2 no shows; after *this you will not be allowed to sign up. *For no shows/late you are still responsible for the $5 charge. You will not be allowed to sign up again until you pay the $5 charge from your no show.

  4. TO CANCEL: Make sure you cancel at least 2 HOURS before the start of the mic. Scroll *to the very right of the black box where it will have an x. Click on X until a white box *appears. Enter your email to cancel. If you cancel more than 2 hours before your slot begins and have sent a venmo send email to and tell me your venmo name to get a refund.

  5. Venmo: @bertsbackroom $5 for 5 minutes when you sign up to secure your *spot.

  6. Comics must stay until the end of the slotted hour to create a positive open mic environment for everyone. If you are going to be late or can't stay the whole time do not sign up

  7. No bad vibes

  8. 1 comic name per slot per hour. If signing up more than 1 comic use each individual names. Repeated names will be deleted automatically.

  9. By entering in Bert's you are agreeing to have a boomerang posted on Bert's instagram story. If you wish to not be photographed please let us know before the mic.

  10. Comics who leave early will not be allowed to return.

*Located at 7817 Melrose Ave. Enter through white door and it will be up the stairs IN THE BACK LEFT ROOMIf you get there early please enter quietly and watch the other comics perform "

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