ONLINE History Writing Tutor Schedule- Spring 2017

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Welcome to the online section of the Department of History Online Writing Tutors Program @ FIU. We invite you to make an appointment below, but do make sure to keep a close eye on the other instructions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The online tutors try to make this option just as convenient, if not more so, than the in-person tutoring within the Department of History on campus. We hope we can help you this semester.

~ Eric Rivas and Paul Burkart, the online tutors.


  1. Scroll down to the date on which you would like to schedule your appointment with an ONLINE History Department Writing Tutor, then click on your desired appointment time slot to book the session. If there is a time that you'd like to meet that is not listed, but is close to the listed times, please email our tutor at Please remember to include your name, FIU e-mail, a brief description of the course and assignment, and the type of assistance you need. Without your e-mail, our tutors will not be able to contact you, or invite you to the tutoring session. (This may jeopardize your appointment.)

  2. E-mail our tutors with any materials that you want assistance with as early as possible. The earlier you do this, the better our tutors can accommodate you. Please email to our online tutors at, or to the individual tutor you are working with if you happen to know: Eric Rivas ( or Paul Burkart (

  3. Respond to the confirmation e-mail sent by either Eric Rivas or Paul Burkart to hold your time slot. The demand for tutoring, especially online, increased markedly over the last few semesters. In order to make sure that everyone who signs up for an appointment is still interested as the day and time of your appointment approaches, and that interested students are not being blocked from a given slot by "no-shows," we ask that you kindly confirm your interest. Either Paul or Eric will attempt to e-mail you 24 hours before your appointment, unless you've made your appointment on the same day. If that is the case, you should have already done step #2, and are already in contact with one of our online tutors, and have sent them your assignment sheet and other written materials. If you fail to respond to multiple confirmation e-mails, you will lose your appointment.

  4. Please familiarize yourself with "Google Hangouts," a video and document screen-sharing service that the History Tutors is using for these sessions. "Hangouts" is an application that you should have free access to through your FIU Gmail account. (For instruction on how to access "Hangouts" through Gmail see the following link,

We aim to keep the form and structure of the tutoring period as close as possible to the traditional in-person tutoring you may already be familiar with. The session will last as long as 50-60 minutes, depending on the amount of feedback you need, and you will be asked to complete a short survey from the Department of History. If you have any other questions about the online tutoring process, feel free to e-mail our online tutors at


  • Please schedule one session at a time. Multiple appointments scheduled in advance will be canceled in order to accommodate as many students as possible.

  • If you cannot make it for your appointment, please e-mail The Writing Tutors will only allow 1 no-shows, or same-day cancellations, before you will be forced to contact one of the Writing Tutors Directors to make any new appointments.

  • Unfortunately, we can only provide tutoring assistance for Department of History papers.

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