Comedy Grab Bag Open Mic

There is no signup for fee for this week's open mic shows. Repeat, this week signup is free for our Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mics.

Admission for audience members and friends of performers is free as well.

Signup fee gets you 5 to 7 minutes of stage time and possibly some photos of you during your set (time and logistics permitting - we do our best to get pics of everyone).

Also, we're currently producing 4 to 6 booked standup comedy shows a week at the theater right now. Doing the open mic is a great way to get on the radar of our show bookers.

Rules for performers:

  1. You must must be on time for your slotted hour. The theater doors close on the hour, if you are not present when they do you will lose your spot.

  2. You must stay for entire hour slot of your show. (i.e. if you're on the 8pm show you must remain in the showroom from 8pm to 9pm)

  3. One slot maximum per performer per hour.

  4. If you need to cancel you must do so via text at least 1 hour before showtime. Be sure to remove your name from the list (by clicking the "X" next to your name) to free up for spot for someone else.

Venue info:

Atomic Wombat Comics

19480 Beach Blvd

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(949) 354-2704

Questions? Email us here:

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